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«Right in the midst»

For the European year of the handicapped The new film of Tula Roy and Christoph Wirsing: Right in the midst An insight into the catholic work for the handicapped of the canton of Zurich.

With subtitles in German, French, Italian and English

The film lasts about 80 minutes. During the prologue and epilogue the pastoral workers for the handicapped speak about their job, their present work and their vision for the future. In the 5 main parts people with the below mentionned handicaps get a hearing and talk about themselves.

- Defective hearing
- Defective eyesight
- Disabled
- Mental handicap
- Aphasia (speech disorder caused by an injury or apoplexy of the brain)

The film is available on video (VC 30185) or DVD (DVD 30185). The DVD version offers subtitles in German, French, English and Italian.

Address your order to:

Katholische Behindertenseelsorge
Beckenhofstr. 16
8006 Zürich

Telefon   044 360 51 51
Fax         044 360 51 52
E-Mail:    info@behindertenseelsorge.ch

Further informations: «Filme»